PART 1 Exhibition


The images shown are a collection of images from my final comprehensive project for my BA(hons) architecture degree. The work focuses on the east bank of the river hull, and a regeneration scheme that seeks to enhance the immediate area whilst enabling the surrounding communities to develop and integrate into the new city centre park scape

The scheme is based around one of the three landmark buildings highlighted as part of a group masterplan

The two individual projects both involved new build designs as part of the course requirements. The first project, tram and waterboat interchange involved the housing of a control centre for both transport networks alongside ticket offices, locker spaces, waiting rooms and café’s/shops

The second semester project, Rank Foundation, was intended to act as en event at the end of a new parkscape and also a landmark within the river corridor post industrial park.
The idea is that the design offers an alternative to existing plans for the site, plans which propose the demolition and redevelopment of one of the cities most iconic and historic structures to be replaced by a casino.

The design hinges on the celebration of the RANK family and their influence, both on the city but also on the respective industries internationally.

Architecture Degree